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Online buyer training program -

10 weeks basic procurement

Fredrik Axelsson, Owner Learn How To Source

Welcome to Learn How To Source.

I can assure you, our 10w Basic Program will provide you with what is needed to understand a successful Procurement Department.

As each program only hold 5-8 participants, our experienced Program Managers will not only support you in digesting the knowledge provided via Online lectures, but also provide experienced mentorship during the program. Should it be necessary the Program Manager (mentor) can sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with your company.

During a program week the participant....

  1. get new knowledge from online courses
  2. e-meet with the mentor
  3. e-meet participants

.....converting online lectures to real-life practice.

Please contact our partners (links below) for course schedules in your country or Learn How to Source.  

I am confident we will provide you with an efficient, interesting, useful and rewarding learning experience.

Fredrik Axelsson


Course schedules are avialable in following markets

Who should attend the program: 

Are you about to enter (or apply for) a procurement role and need a basic understanding of the scope and responsibility of a successful procurement department?

Are you experienced in a specific procurement role but want to widen your understanding of the procurement area - from operative processes to the role of a CPO.

Are you a Procurement manager and have found a candidate to your department with the right market-, product- and company knowledge but the candidate needs to learn the basics in Procurement?

These are examples where it makes sense to enter LHTS 10w Basic program.

Online Buyer training program have following key features:

  1. The program is on a basic level. Basic level is for those who are new to the Procurement area or have been working within a single role within procurement and want to understand the different roles, and its processes, in more depth. You learn the language of Procurement.
  2. The program is based on LHTS eLearning courses combined with experienced senior program management which run weekly sessions to congest the knowledge presented and discuss how to convert theory into practice.
  3. The program is part-time (approx 10-20% of FTE), distance- and web based. Elearnings are available anytime and meetings with program management are e-meetings. You can, during the program, contact your mentor for advice via chat, mail or e-meeting.
  4. Each course has a quiz and a course completion certificate. At the end of the program each participant's knowledge is verified via a written and a verbal test. All activities need to be completed to receive the program certificate.