Learn How To Source - Procurement training for buyers

Procurement online program

Basic level is for those who are new to the Procurement area or have been working within a single role within procurement and want to understand the different roles and it's processes in more depth via an online program.

Operative buyer role

-online program 

Fredrik Axelsson

LHTS suggest following program for the Operative buyer role. In the first course EFFSO introduce you to the Procurement Area. Second course as about how to create a Purchase Order. The operative processes courses help you understand how to manage the day to day work. Finally the Gen T&Cs course give you a taste of a contract. 

Tactical buyer role

- online program 

Fredrik Axelsson

10 courses which will help you learn about the difference between RFI, RFP and RFQ, get an understanding of the 8 steps in a modern sourcing process, keeping track of your suppliers and product qualification.

Procurement management - online program 

Fredrik Axelsson

LHTS suggest following program for the Procurement Manager role. The program introduce you to connection between Coroprate strategy and Procurement strategy as well as key concepts like Category Management, KPIs and Supplier Development programs. 

Sourcing by EFFSO - 8 course online program: 

Fredrik Axelsson

8 Courses from EFFSO. Do you want to widen your procurement competence, or just want to learn the "procurement English", this is the package for you. EFFSO introduces you to Spend analysis, Category Management, Supplier Development and more.