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All our courses are organized in a specific order. Follow our Next Step recommendations and find your starting point

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All our courses are organized towards three roles; operative, tactical and management.

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Certificate programs

Learn How to Source offer both written/verbal test and self-assessment based certificate.

The self-assessment based certificates provide guidance if knowledge gaps are identified

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Customer specific courses

Do your procurement department have an extensive introduction program? 

Do your buyers spend a lot of time training suppliers

LHTS can, together with you, create and distribute dedicated courses.

Fredrik Axelsson owner at Learn How to Source

New Courses - September 

As of today 250 students have attended

Sustainable Procurement Course by Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton

Average score 4,5 of 5.

Dr Aurora Dawn Benton has, as of today, had 250 students on her online courses (all platforms). Average score is 4,5 of 5.

Astrapto means to illuminate and this course sheds light on the social and environmental issues organizations encounter in their supply chains and offers recommendations for ethical procurement. Every organization purchases something so every organization has an opportunity to make a positive impact on people, planet, and profit through responsible sourcing.

This course is perfect for any one in any type or size of organization who wants to learn more about how to improve environmental and social performance in daily operations. No expertise or experience in sustainability is required. It is ideal for general managers, small business owners, corporate procurement staff, sales teams, and anyone who wants better understand sustainability and take practical steps in the right direction.

Supply chain transparency is a hot compliance topic. Are you ready?

A procurement ecosystem and buyer community -  procurement courses online.

Learn How To Source invites Procurement Experts to become providers of procurement courses online.

"One can see Learn How to Source as a book where procurement experts own a specific chapter each. The sum of all chapters is the value Learn How to Source provide to the buyer community. As an expert and a Content Provider at Learn How to Source you own a specific knowledge area.

What defines an expert? Well, since Learn How to Source promise real life experience....., do your way of working support a successful procurement department. If yes is your answer, you are probably an expert in your field." 

Fredrik Axelsson (founder).

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As an Affiliate Partner to Learn How to Source you get access to a valued Procurement Learning offering, and necessary supporting services.

Be a part of the Learn How To Source Ecosystem. Integrate Learn How To Source portfolio into your offering to the market. As an Affiliate Partner you get access to Procurement knowledge based on real life experience packaged in Courses, Procurement programs and Certification courses.

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The purpose of LHTS

Learn How to Source mission

LHTS provide procurement knowledge to buyers world wide in an affordable and accessible way for everyday learning.

Value proposition to Students:

  • An accessible and affordable pool of relevant procurement knowledge under a one strong brand.
  • Certificates from LHTS in a CV give a competitive advantage.

Value proposition to Procurement managers:

  • Support ongoing competence development of the buyers community and assure capability to develop competitive supply chain
  • Attract and maintain talent.
  • All in a cost efficient way, well integrated with daily operations.

Value proposition to Affiliates:

  • Attract students and get access to a steady revenue stream via Revenue share model.

Value proposition to Content providers (procurement experts) - passive role

  • Sell you brand and specialist competence.
  • Invest time together with LHTS to create your E-learning.
  • Harvest according to Revenue share program.

Value proposition to Partners:

  • Sell you brand and specialist competence.
  • Own your competence area (exclusive).
  • Participate in Governance team.
  • Manage your own offering on LHTS.
  • Create customer dedicated courses.
  • Harvest according to Revenue share for content owner
  • Harvest according to Revenue share for affiliate
  • Sell Microlearning / blended learning
  • Have fun and enjoy life
  • ……………..and potentially get leads and grow brand.

Procurement courses online provided to Utbildninginkop.se in Sweden.

Blended learning

The Swedish site Utbildninginkop.se provide blended learning offering in Sweden using the online lectures from Learn How to Source. 

Utbildninginkop.se blended learning offering use the Microlearning (Book circle) method to provide learning in an interesting and cost effective way. 

Are you interested in becoming a blended learning and/or affiliate partner, learn more here.