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Learn How to Source starts offering Sourcing e-learning trainings in Finland.

The trainings have been built by real life experience from Procurement Experts. The training modules follow the career of procurement specialists. Starting with operative, followed by tactical and finalized by management trainings. This training module set up makes LHTS´ offerings unique.

One can see Learn How to Source as a text book where procurement professionals have converted their procurement expertise to a chapter, but instead of written chapters, as in a book, each chapter is a procurement course online.

We recommend those having a need for Sourcing trainings to register and learn more in our introductions course (free).

You can as well contact me in all Online Training related topics and questions.

Juho Massinen

Juho Massinen

 Learn How to Source Finland

Juho Massinen is LHTS' contact for Finland. Juho owns a Bachelor of Economics and Export Trade School Degrees. He has been working in European/Global Sourcing related work for 30 + years including some Marketing & Export Trade Consulting Work.

He has wide experience in both Direct and Indirect Sourcing. The experience has been built by having worked in different Sourcing roles for Kesko, Food Kesko (in cooperation with ICA/Albert Heijn), Finnish Export Trade Center of Frankfurt, GE Healthcare, General Electric and last Genpact.

Juho worked with Genpact as European Category Leader for HR Services for General Electric working with Training Services among other HR Services.

Do not hesitate in contacting Juho.

M: + 358 500 445782

E:  juho@learnhowtosource.com

L:  LinkedIn

Joho Massinen, Learn How to Source Finland

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"One can see Learn How to Source as a book where procurement experts own a specific chapter each. The sum of all chapters is the value Learn How to Source provide to the buyer community. As an expert and a Content Provider at Learn How to Source you own a specific knowledge area.

What defines an expert? Well, since Learn How to Source promise real life experience....., do your way of working support a successful procurement department. If yes is your answer, you are probably an expert in your field." 

Fredrik Axelsson (founder).

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