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"One can see Learn How to Source as a book where procurement experts own a specific chapter each. The sum of all chapters is the value Learn How to Source provides to the buyer community. As an expert and a Content Provider at Learn How to Source you own a specific knowledge area. What defines an expert? Well, since Learn How to Source promise real life experience....., do your way of working support a successful procurement department. If yes is your answer, you are probably an expert in your field." 

Fredrik Axelsson (founder).

Are you a procurement expert and want to share your knowledge? Why not become a Content Provider to Learn How to Source? As a member of Learn How to Source procurement ecosystem you get:

  • Support in recording, editing and publishing the online course. You have the knowledge; we help you with the rest.
  • Profile and brand presentation at Learn How to Source.
  • Integration of courses in Learn How to Source Next Step student experience.
  • Business- and market development.
  • A network of procurement experts.
  • An affiliate network which provides blended learning at local markets.
  • A steady flow of income. 

All above are included in the revenue share business model. Fair and transparent share of revenue - no upfront cost from Learn How to Source. Generated revenues are equally shared between Content Provider, Learn How To Source and the Affiliate.

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