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About Learn How To Source

In March 2021 Learn How To Source founder Mr. Fredrik Axelsson celebrated 25 years as a procurement professional. During his career Fredrik has held roles as Operative buyer, Category manager and Procurement Director in organizations as Ericsson, Saab and Alstom/GE. Also, Fredrik has co-developed a 2-year training program for buyers which still today, successfully certify buyers.

All this experience is transformed to a package of knowledge required in a successful procurement department and also, forming the foundation of "Next step" at Learn How to Source.

Experts like EFFSO, Jon Kihlman, Aurora Dawn Benton, Hans Nilsson, Paul Rogers and many more to come, share their experience and knowledge in an affordable and accessible package adding further experience and knowledge to the procurement knowledge ecosystem. 

The heart of Learn How to Source


LHTS provide procurement knowledge to buyers world wide in an affordable and accessible way for everyday learning.

Value proposition to Students:

  • An accessible and affordable pool of relevant procurement knowledge under a one strong brand.
  • Certificates from LHTS in your CV give a competitive advantage.

Value proposition to Procurement managers:

  • Support ongoing competence development of the buyers' community and assure capability to develop competitive supply chains.
  • Attract and maintain talent.
  • All in a cost efficient way, well integrated into daily operations.

Value proposition to Affiliates:

  • Attract students and get access to a steady revenue stream via Revenue Share Model.

Value proposition to Content providers (procurement experts) - passive role

  • Sell your brand and specialist competence.
  • Minimum effort in converting your knowledge to online courses.
  • Harvest according to Revenue Share Model.

Value proposition to Partners:

  • Sell your brand and specialist competence.
  • Sell blended learning to your customers
  • Manage your offering on LHTS.
  • Create customer dedicated courses.
  • Harvest according to Revenue Share Model for content owners.
  • Harvest according to Revenue share Model for affiliates.
  • Own your competence area (exclusive).
  • Participate in Governance team.

Learn How to Source

More about Learn How to Source - Procurement online courses.

  • Buyer role - You will find a wide range of courses all tailored towards the buyer role and the competences needed to run a Procurement organization.
  • Next step - Each course adress a portion of the procurement area and are organized as chapters in a book. Find your starting point and use the Next step recommendation to move forward. Or purchase a package of courses bundled to meet a procurement role.
  • Experience levels - Courses are organized in buyer roles and experience levels: Introduction, Basic, Advanced and Expert.
  • Find your course - Find your course by selecting all courses in the menu above. Or select a role. Scroll through the courses or use the search function. At each course there is a suggested "Next step" guiding you to recommended next course.
  • Learning objectives - Each course have a free pre-view of the learning objectives. Find out if the course deliver what you need before purchase.
  • High on value - Courses are high in value but low in cost. Our courses are straightforward and provide real life experience.
  • Download course presentation - Material presented (Powerpoint or Excel) are available for download at the end of each lecture.
  • Instructor - The instructor at each course is a procurement expert with many years of field experience.
  • Quiz and Certificate - Each course have a course quiz and, assuming you complete the course, a certificate will be issued for you to download as a PDF.
  • Dashboard - Immediately access to the course and you have 60 days to complete the course. All courses available to you, are listed in your Dashboard
  • Pay with credit card or Paypal - Card transactions are managed by Stripe and, as an alternative, you can also use your PayPal account.

A procurement ecosystem and buyer community - procurement courses online.

Learn How To Source invites Procurement Experts to become providers of procurement courses online.

"One can see Learn How to Source as a book where procurement experts own a specific chapter each. The sum of all chapters is the value Learn How to Source provide to the buyer community. As an expert and a Content Provider at Learn How to Source you own a specific knowledge area.

What defines an expert? Well, since Learn How to Source promise real life experience....., do your way of working support a successful procurement department. If yes is your answer, you are probably an expert in your field." 

Fredrik Axelsson (founder).

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As an Affiliate Partner to Learn How to Source you get access to a valued Procurement Learning offering, and necessary supporting services.

Be a part of the Learn How To Source Ecosystem. Integrate Learn How To Source portfolio into your offering to the market. As an Affiliate Partner you get access to Procurement knowledge based on real life experience packaged in Courses, Procurement programs and Certification courses.

Futher expand the possibilities and become a learning partner and become a Mentor in LHTS blended learning offerings.

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Founded 2019 Learn how to Source (LHTS) continue to build the procurement offering. By inviting experts, to share their knowledge and become a part of the Procurement Ecosystem, LHTS continuously add to the knowledge provided. 

Now, in  2023, LHTS have an offering covering the basics of procurement and are focuing on adding courses for more experienced buyers.